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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Life in Music

So I decided to make a little brief history about me. I'm going to primarily use music to explain certain time periods of my life.

First lets start with early Childhood. (Before Grade school)

Some kids grow up with the ABC's, some with their parents Latin music. I was fortunate enough to listen to Punk-rock at the early age of 3. I have to thank my brother for that. I enjoyed fast paced music since I was very small. Anything slower was lame, I remember hating slow music, (still kinda do unless it's done right.) In 1994 a little album called "Dookie" found its way into my brothers CD player. That record was played so many times I lost count. This was always my favorite song from that album:

Hearing it now, I realize that it's still awesome (and way better than anything nowadays). There was another album around that time, I recall it as "Jagged Little Pill." My favorite song from that album was:

To be quite honest, I never knew the lyrics to this song before now. DAMN. This song is depressing. Anyways, There was this one other album that made my toe tap. It was called "The Presidents of The United States of America." Best album title ever. Anyways, my favorite song from that album was:

Hearing it still brings back fond memories of my old house in Hialeah. I remember my brother thinking it was awesome that I would kinda "air drum" to this song. I should learn to cover this song now...

Now the rest is history. Because all I have to say is Nirvana. Yes the band not the other thing.

Elementary School

Oh man.

Now that I have that out of the way....

Elementary school sucked. For music at least. For video games it was fine...but that's for another post. For music, yeah, it sucked. I was constantly being made fun of by people who music.

It was awful, really. I had no sense of identity. No body in that school likes what I like, everyone seemed to be trendy...and ghetto...eck 

However, things like this...

Made things better. Nickelodeon seemed to be doing things right. While everyone in my school thought it was lame to like anything like this theme, I sat in front of my T.V wondering what it was. At the same time, I would hear my brother listening to things such as:

I knew I was missing something, but I never quite figured it out. I never asked my brother what this type of music was...and not until my high school years would I finally find out what it was.

On the other side of the spectrum, there was this one song on the radio that lingered in my head for years to come. I never found what it was until about the year 2008. Crazy, why didn't I ever ask. That song will follow me till the day I die.

Oh yeah, and this song:

That song was cool too.

Middle School

Bah! It was a confusing time for everyone. It was in middle school that I realized I could like video game music.

No one does it better than Koji Kondo. He is the greatest musician to ever grace this earth.




Yeah, in high school, anything that wasn't ska was horrible. That was my philosophy, and I stuck to it. I'll never forget, my brother made me a mix CD, and it had these tracks in it:

That's just two of them. Trust me, that CD was full of horns (not the demon kind).
It wasn't until very late high school that I figured out what That Song was. I finally asked my brother for the title of the song that goes "Punke-tenk-ewenko-wenke-tenku." He pointed me in the direction of these guys:

Yep. That started that craze. Oh yeah, that "Punke-tenk-ewenko-wenke-tenku" song was:

Yeah. Amazing that song remained a mystery to me for 17 years....

There's just something so amazing about that song. It's sad, but its also happy. It sounds like a love song, but its about the opposite. Remember when I said slow music had to be done right? THAT'S THE PERFECT EXAMPLE.

College so far...The Punishment Due

The Police's drummer, Stewart Copeland, is amazing. Before the Police came into my life, I never had any interest in learning an instrument. Thanks to him, I'm sitting next to my most prized possession, My Drum Kit.  The way he hits those drums just make me want to make music. It's amazing. All around, the Police are a superb band. Sting, the bassist, has a lot of musical knowledge under his belt. His bass lines are amazing, and they really get you to feel the music. Andy Summers is iffy to me. Since I don't know much about guitar at all, I just hear the riffs and think "is that how you're supposed to play a guitar?" The mere fact that I ask that question shows how awesome he is. He has a very unique style, and he's responsible for creating one of the most popular guitar riffs in history, the one from Message In a Bottle.

The Police introduced me to music, but one particular band stapled me to curse of being a Metal Head.(\m/)

Megadeth is our last stop unfortunately. Ive been listening to this band a lot recently. There's just something about Dave Mustaine that gets my blood pumping. I mean, just look at him:

Above: Dave Mustaine on the right, some random lucky Asian dude on the left.

 Seems like a really nice guy eh? 

You get the picture.
It's funny how much music can affect your life. So much music passes through our ears, but do we ever really remember any of it?

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