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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New VGR Videos up!

Hello again everyone. For those of you who may not know what VGR (Video Game Riot) is, Its a series of videos posted on youtube by one of my good friends, Richard. If you are a fan of video games and electronics, these videos are for you. There are new videos up, but when you have the chance, give all the episodes a chance.

Episode 8

After seeing this video myself, I realized how far video games have come. Richard says it best himself, the 32-bit era paved the way to what video games are now.

Episode 9

I found this review very interesting. The PSone era has always intrigued simply because I never played the games while they were at their prime. I got to them a few years later when the PS2 had already been out. This review goes over a music program that you can use on your PSone. Weird, but mega awesome! Keep up the good work VGR!

Here's a link to VGR's Youtube Channel:

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